Harassment At Work

Harassment in the workplace is a serious matter and the employer has an obligation to take reasonable steps to try and prevent it.

Practical advice

In broad terms, harassment can include:

  • unwanted physical conduct, including touching, pinching, pushing, grabbing, and more serious forms of physical or sexual assault;
  • unwelcome sexual advances or suggestive behaviour, and suggestions that sexual favours may further a career or that a refusal may hinder it;
  • continued suggestions for social interaction after it has been made clear that such suggestions are unwelcome;
  • sending or displaying pornographic material or material that some people may find offensive;
  • offensive or intimidating comments or gestures, or insensitive jokes or pranks;
  • mocking or mimicking a person's disability;
  • racist, sexist, homophobic or ageist jokes, or derogatory or stereotypical remarks about a particular ethnic or religious group or gender; or
  • outing or threatening to out someone as homosexual.

It also includes treating someone less favourably because they have submitted or refused to submit to such behaviour in the past.

Harassment is not necessarily face to face, it may be by written communications, visual images, electronic email, phone, and automatic supervision methods such as recording of telephone conversations if this is not universally applied to all employees.

A person may be harassed even if they were not the intended target. For example, a person may be harassed by racist jokes about a different ethnic group if they create an offensive environment for him/her.

Stress, loss of self-confidence and self-esteem caused by harassment can lead to job insecurity, illness, absence from work, and even resignation. Almost always job performance is affected and relations in the workplace suffer.

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