Employment Tribunal Representation

Practical advice on employment tribunal procedures

We have considerable experience in representing clients at Tribunals.

Whilst the majority of matters are settled without having to go to an Employment Tribunal, you can rest assured that we can call upon a number of barristers and lawyers to represent you if we are unable to reach such a solution. We are able to deal with the full range of Employment Tribunal cases including unfair and constructive dismissal, redundancy, discrimination and TUPE.


It is important, when thinking of bringing an Employment Tribunal claim, to check whether you have legal expenses insurance. A lot of people have legal expenses insurance but are actually unaware of it as it is included as part of a household or motor insurance policy. You should therefore check these policy documents to see if you are covered. Legal expenses insurance usually covers legal fees and disbursements up to a specified limit incurred in bringing an employment claim.

If you do not have legal expenses insurance, we are still happy to act for you on a fixed fee/pay as you go basis. Under this arrangement, the solicitor will charge you a fixed fee for each stage of the process and so you will have the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much you will have to pay. This will also be significantly less than if the solicitor charged at their standard hourly rate.


Over the course of the Tribunal proceedings, settlement offers are often made. We are extremely experienced in settlement negotiations and obtaining the best possible offer for our clients. We will liase with you throughout the process and advise you of your prospects of success, the amount you would likely receive if successful at the Tribunal and also what we feel is a reasonable settlement offer.

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